Gut Health Consultant, Course Creator, Board Certified Physician Assistant

Jade is an online consultant who specializes in building bespoke, long-term solutions for a healthy gut.

Her passion is to help business professionals, athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and busy moms bring balance to their bodies

Jade earned her Bachelor’s of Science from Shippensburg University and a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies from King’s College. After passing her medical boards, she specialized in gastroenterology and hepatology with an acute care focus. 

During her studies Jade was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Unsatisfied with the one size fits all medical system treating her surface issues but failing to dive deeper into her condition, Jade began her personal journey with functional medicine and root cause healing.  After healing her own body, she felt a calling to bring this holistic approach to the world - leading to the creation of Jade Etter Wellness. 

Jade focuses on root cause healing through evidence based practices and describes herself as a lifelong learner. She continues her studies and stays current with new research via yearly conferences with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). 

Jade is passionate about empowering others to discover their unique path to gut health in addition to providing education and resources for sustained wellness.

Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Practitioner


Bree earned her undergraduate degree at California State University, Long Beach and later pursued her Master of Science in Nutrition for Wellness degree at Bastyr University after becoming a registered dietitian. 

She is a Southern California native who found herself in the functional medicine space after feeling disenchanted with conventional medicine. 

Since graduating with her Master's degree Bree followed her passion for helping those with gut dysfunction and dedicated her time to learning about functional medicine. 

Being a dietitian, Bree believes in the therapeutic power of food and uses a whole-food forward approach as often as possible with her clients.

Health Coach, Integrative Nutritionist, Client Facilitator


Christina received her B.A. from the University of Washington in Medical Anthropology and Global Health with a minor in Nutritional Science.

She then went on to receive her M.S. in Integrative & Functional Nutrition from Saybrook University.

Before practicing as an integrative nutritionist and health coach, Christina worked as a personal trainer and health coach for individuals with goals to lose weight and build muscle.

Once she graduated from UW, she moved to Arizona where she was introduced to functional medicine and a different lens for health and wellness that takes into account the whole person. Needless to say, she never looked back!

Christina believes that food is truly our greatest lever in the fight against disease and dysfunction in our ever-more toxic living environments.

Her approaches are deeply rooted in ancestral foods and wisdom.
Her favorite aspect of nutrition coaching is instilling the belief and knowledge in others of the innate intelligence the human body has, and its ability to HEAL when given the right inputs.

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